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 A Floral Remembrance..

Examples of two Style #4 Floral Remembrances placed in 2011

Would you like to place flowers on a loved one or ancestor's grave but you can't get to Nunda to do it? The Friends of Nunda Cemeteries will place a floral remembrance for you in any cemetery in the towns of Nunda and Portage.

Here is how it works:

1) Choose the style of flowers you would like placed on the grave.
2) Fill in each part of the order form found below. A pdf file of the order form is available here.
3) Send in the order form and your payment at least two weeks before you want the remembrance placed.
4) We will place the flowers and then send you (if you request it) digital photograph of the flowers on the grave within 1 to 2 weeks.

All proceeds from this service go to the Friends of Nunda Cemeteries to help in the restoration and preservation of the Nunda cemeteries. We also gladly accept any additional donations!

Style #1 - A single cut flower (carnation) $5.00

Style #2 ­ A small group of cut flowers $12.00

Style #3 ­ A 6" potted flowering plant* $16.00

Style #4 ­ A 10" potted combination of flowering plants* $20.00

* The type of annual flowering plant will be appropriate for the season and location (sun or shade) within the cemetery.

(Please note that these prices are for the placement of one floral remembrance. If you have multiple graves, please multiply price accordingly.)

The Friends of Nunda Cemeteries is a not-for-profit organization that formed in 2005. The Friends' mission is to assist in the restoration and preservation of Oakwood Cemetery and the other cemeteries located in the Town of Nunda. This work includes historical research of the cemetery grounds and the individuals buried there, the physical restoration and preservation of historic features, and increasing awareness in and appreciate of the historic, social, cultural, and natural significance of Nunda's cemeteries. Membership is open to everyone. Please contact us for a membership application.

 Order Form for A Floral Remembrance
A project of the Friends of Nunda Cemeteries


Your Name _____________________________________________

Your Mailing Address ____________________________________________

Phone # or email _________________________________________________

Individual(s) you wish to honor with a floral remembrance (as it appears on marker)






Cemetery ______________________________________________________
(Must be in the towns of Nunda or Portage)

Grave location: Try to be as specific as possible. If you do not know the section or lot #, give general location. If you have listed multiple individuals, please give location for each.








Date you would like the flowers placed by ______________________________
(Please note that Floral Remembrances are only available from April to November)

Do you want a photo of the Flower Remembrance after we placed it? Yes No

Flower Remembrance Style ___________ X __________ = _________
# of style # of remembrances total payment


Make the check payable to the "Friends of Nunda Cemeteries. Send your payment to "Floral Remembrance", Friends of Nunda Cemeteries, Box 22, and Nunda NY 14517. If you have questions you can contact us at the above email or at 585-468-5991. Please add any additional instructions on a separate sheet of paper. Remember, additional donations are welcome! Thank you for your order!


Special Thanks to the Nunda Historical Society for providing this web page!

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