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Answers to Part I
Trivia Quiz on Nunda Area History



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1. What was the first name given to our village?

It was originally called Hubbells Corners, named for "Hubbells Inn". Alanson Hubbell built his log inn at the present site of the driveway between M&T Bank and Byrnes Pharmacy around 1822. According to Mrs. Frost, Hubbell's corners consisted of the inn, "two houses, two barns, and two large pools of water well stocked with frogs"! The name had changed by 1839 when Nunda Village was incorporated. By that time Hubbell's Inn was gone.

source: Frost, "From the Indian To the Airplane, 1948 p 4


2. What was the real name of the "Ossian Giant"?

The Ossian Giant was known locally by his real name, Fred Decker. Mr. Decker was 7 feet tall, and was once part of P.T. Barnum's show. He is buried in the old cemetery on Swain Hill Road.

source: Cook, Celebrating Our Past, 2000. p 130 (his picture is on page 131.)


3. What year was the "Great Tuna Fish Wreck" in Dalton?

The famous train wreck took place near Baker's Feed Mill in 1958


4. What year was the Bell Memorial Library given to the Town and by whom?

Katherine Bell Lewis had the library built in 1912 as a tribute to her parents Alfred E. and Juliette Dibble Bell.

source: Frost, Early Years, 1983, p 16


5. Name three early names of streets in the Village of Nunda that have been changed to their present name.

Over the years three early street names have vanished, replaced by the ones we use today.

source: Mrs Marge Ostrum, "Streets of Early Nunda"

How did you do? Watch for the next part of the quiz!

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